Saturday, August 18, 2012

Guitar Making: Drills, Keyboards and Nerdiness

After a period of time used to find materials and information for those who want to throw themselves, like I did, into the adventure of guitar making, let's talk about guitars with some technical information.

Today we take a look at how to use drills, from simple and small ones such as the Dremel, to real drills, to make cutouts for bridges or pickups.

Starting with the Dremel, we can say first of all that this is a tool that is extremely useful for inlays, both to create the cutouts and the inserts that will be embedded in them.

The cutouts can be made ​​with a drill bit for wood by a millimeter, while the inserts, made from mother- of-pearl, bone or plastic, may be filed with a bit of pumice stone cutter, as shown in particular in the next photo.

Now let's see this beautiful keyboard with inlays after construction. All that's missing are the cuts for the frets...