Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Other sources of inspiration

I have a classmate at my Swedish course whose work I was recently very impressed by. Her work will be a source of inspiration for the aesthetic side of my guitar. At the moment, I'll show it to you as it is - the original pieces by Fumi Hotta ( , thank you for the authorization!)

It's very interesting to note how she's inspired by something in a photo, whether it's nature or some simple object. Here are more examples:

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Let's take a break from the technical side of the creation of a guitar. To put together the concepts, which will be further discussed, whoever wants to succeed in the making of a guitar, we have to move on to personalizing.

After an experience as a museum guard, I am beginning to reap the results of those boring days. Keeping in mind the aesthetic side of a guitar, I have decided to blend this with my museum experiences. This is an example, a futuristic-style guitar:

In this other example I analyze only one part of a particular impressionist exhibition experience. To tickle my immagination is the chromatic contrast of Chevreul, a scientist studied by the post-impressionists as well as by me. This inspiration has contributed not only to this guitar, but also to the header painting, which I will tell more about in a future post focusing on art.

Last but not least, the influence for this comes from fashion, which means from my girlfriend, Sascha, this is a very glamorous giutar:

I'm sorry about the quality of the photos, but they're hand drawings made by pen. However, I think they succeed in conveying the idea.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The creation of a guitar, part 2

Hello again to anyone who has followed me in the previous phase. Let's continue with the construction part. Now, we'll look into how to cut the shape of the guitar.

The kinds of wood that I find suitable for the body of the guitar are alder, maple and mahogany. You will need some kind of saw, I would advice you to use a band saw:

Armed with some patience and experience, you could use also two other kinds of saws (hand saw and alternative saw), but if you want to be certain of the results and waste as little time as possible, you should use the right instruments.

Now, we will proceed to the shape.

...and a first rough draft of the handle:

Monday, November 16, 2009

The creation of a guitar, part 1

As I have previously said, I am going to talk about different topics in this blog that might not have anything in common! Today, we are discussing guitar making which is one of my passions.

What I intend to show you today is the way in which I make a guitar and how I would advice anyone who wants to get into guitar making to go about the creation of an instrument.

First of all, a drawing is necessary. It's better if this is a result of your own imagination! Here is how I draw an electric guitar:




It's easy to find shapes on the internet, but you'll have to decide if you want to design a standard shape and then adapt it to the various components, or if you prefer to design the guitar from scratch according to the components (keep in mind the string length!)

To be continued...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hello everyone. I created this blog to express freely all of my passions and/or curiosities without giving specific priority to any and with no particular link between them. This is a place where anyone, not just me, can discuss or present their passions, even strange or particular ones, without having to adhere to a specific style or theme.