Monday, May 28, 2012

Is Rolling Stone Suffering From Amnesia?

I found this list on the Rolling Stone website. The only conclusion one might come to is that the magazine's editors suffer from amnesia.

I have no problems with the way they've placed these musicians - what I disagree with is the omission of some of the most amazing guitarists of all time. The following are indeed missing:

Yngwie Malmsteen

Joe Satriani

Gary Moore

Allan Holdsworth

Tony McAlpine

Timo Tolkki

Steve Vai

...and lastly, the legendary Jason Becker (living legend, thank God!)

I'm sure I'm right because I might be wrong about the quality of one musician, but the fact that the entire neo-classical genre is missing means that the editors of Rolling Stone just aren't big fans of the style. I don't understand why this genre has to be neglected, as it has been responsible for elevating the guitar to a higher level as an instrument. Thanks to this genre, the guitar has regained technique and virtuosity that adds to the expressive powers of this instrument - which means that this kind of virtuosity is more than just virtuosity itself, as these techniques add flair and vivacity to any piece of music that includes guitars.

Good night to everyone.

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